The Historic Skate Park

The Southbank skatepark has been an unofficial skateboarding venue since the 1970s, and I signed the petition to keep it when it was going to be built on. It has thankfully been saved and is no longer slated for demolition. Not only known for being a skatepark itself, it also featured in the episode ‘The Blind Banker’ of the BBCs’ Sherlock series.

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The Approachable Performers

On Southbank, you’ll normally (if the weather is good!) find performers up and down the bank, either dressed up and posing for pictures, or people who do tricks on bicycles etc. These two were the first we saw, and I was grateful that they let me take pictures (after donating to them first, of course).

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The Obligatory Ones

As the weather was incredibly nice today, I decided to journey down to Southbank on the River Thames to see if I could capture any performers on the bank itself. However, before that I thought ‘why not photograph the things I take for granted, but other people might not see?’, so that’s exactly what I did. Having lived in London my whole life, these landmarks have become commonplace. With these images, I want people to see the beauty that I take for granted.

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The Visitor

Just in case any of my very little amount of followers were wondering, I haven’t been posting because a bad cold kicked my butt back into bed for a couple weeks. However, while I was there this little fella decided to land on one of our sheets that was outside to dry. I think he’s an admiral butterfly, judging from the colour on his wings.

The Elusive Visitor

The Bird That Could

At the big park we were walking around, they have an animal preserve for injured or too domesticated animals to stay in. This little Jay was the only one of its kind there, and when we did our high-pitched pet voice ‘Hello!’, he actually said hello back! We didn’t even know Jays could parrot!

Jay Bird

The Lucky Shot

As we were walking around this huge park in blazing hot heat, I noticed what looks like a wasp/possibly just a fly trying to pollinate this flower. He stayed still long enough for me to snap this! The flower could be a snap dragon, and I’ve found in my explorations that they’re very common in this area.

It's a Bee!